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Scientists Confirm This Spice Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

health freedom alliance, 30 December 2015
Today, fluoride is everywhere. Dentists push fluoride treatments on us, it’s in our tap water, it’s in our commercial toothpastes and mouth washes – whether or not you think fluoride is bad, come on, we can all agree that it’s wrong for the government to forcibly medicate us by adding it to so many things, right?

Scientists Discover “Intelligence” Genes That Code For Cognitive Ability

health freedom alliance, 30 Decembeer 2015
Cognitive ability, such as decision-making skills, varies wildly from person to person, and although it is acknowledged that both genes and the environment play a role in this variation, linking specific genes to healthy cognitive abilities has proven incredibly difficult.

What It’s Like to Be Allergic to Water

Alexa Tsoulis-Reay, October 27, 2015
In 1963, a 15-year-old girl presented herself to a pair of dermatologists in Pennsylvania complaining that she’d broken out in angry, red lesions after a session of waterskiing.

How pomegranate can flush Alzheimer’s out of your brain

Easy Health Options, 2015
The first time it happens, it’s downright scary. “What is her name? I’ve know her for years…”
“Why did I come in this room?” Alzheimer’s is so prevalent, you can’t help but fear it.

8 Natural Substitutes Of Aspirin

Sherice, December 17, 2015
People have been taking aspirin for many decades now. Daily use of aspirin is not only ineffective, but it’s dangerous. It leads to a plethora of other problems and gastrointestinal issues while doubling the risk of strokes without reducing fatal heart attacks.

Neosporin Causes Cancer & Weakens Your Immune System! Try This Homemade Neosporin Ointment

mcshane, December 11, 2015
Neosporin is the most popular OTC topical antibacterial medication in America. Neosporin ointment is used for preventing infection due to minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Neosporin ointment is an antibiotic combination.

Pumpkin seeds combined with fruit is as effective as prescription sleep aids!

Lynn Griffith, December 14, 2015
Nearly 9 million American’s take a prescription sleep aid to prevent tossing and turning at night. Lack of sleep over an extended period of time affects our mental health, cognitive abilities and even our physical health.