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Aspartame withdrawal and side effects explained - Here's how to protect yourself

If you have been drinking diet soda and chewing gum, chances are you have been enjoying aspartame in generous quantities. Aspartame is a popular sugar substitute that can be found in diet soda drinks, chewing gum, fruit spreads and sugar-free products to name a few.

Harvard study: Pasteurized milk from industrial dairies linked to cancer

The truth has once again shaken the foundation of the 'American Tower of Babel' that is mainstream science, with a new study out of Harvard University showing that pasteurized milk product from factory farms is linked to causing hormone-dependent cancers.

Gluten attacks the brain and damages the nervous system Learn more:

Some people are literally stumbling through life thinking they are a klutz when really gluten is to blame.

Chlorella and cilantro for amazing daily detox and maintenance

The more you read NaturalNews and other health sites that are truthful, real, and don't pull punches, the more you're probably realizing that we are all under siege with toxins -- especially heavy metals -- in our air, water, and food.