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FGF21, The Hormone That Makes You Live Longer, Boosts Your Immune System And Activates Weight Loss

Lecia Bushak, Jan 11, 2016
Researchers may have found a new use for a liver-produced hormone that manages the thymus gland. Known as fibroblast growth factor 21, or simply FGF21, the hormone was shown to extend the life of mice in the study, which was conducted at the Yale School of Medicine.

Cleanse Your Liver without Pain with Only One Sip and Look Younger

health freedom alliance, 9 February 2016
Do you want to clean your liver easily? If you do, we will give you a simple recipe on how to prepare a beverage that will take you only a minute.

Big Pharma is Synthesizing Cannabis to Make a Patent-able Pill and It’s Killing People

Matt Agorist, January 20, 2016
Throughout the bodies of every human on the planet is a physiological system that plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining human health.