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What almond milk, calcium pills and zeolites all have in common... you're swallowing ROCKS!

Mike Adams, November 19. 2015
Did you know that calcium pills are linked to heart attacks? Were you aware that commercial almond milk is made with ground up inorganic oyster shells or limestone?

Is Sea Salt Really Healthier Or Just Overhyped?

Johannah Sakimura, RD, 11/17/2015
Hawaiian black lava, Himalayan pink, Bolivian rose, Peruvian pink mountain spring. These aren’t nail polish colors — they’re varieties of salt, and they’re just a sampling of the dozens of options now available from specialty markets and online vendors.

10 Things You Need To Throw Away Immediately For Better Health

health freedom alliance, 16 November 2015
It’s no secret that human beings have adopted a lifestyle that doesn’t really take health into consideration, especially when we are talking about the large number of products that we choose to surround ourselves with on a daily basis