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Skip Calorie Counting. Eat a Plant-Based Diet & Enjoy!

Lani Muelrath, September 17, 2015
Whether you are a veg-food veteran or just taking your first steps on the plant-based journey, there are more resources and research support than ever before for making the switch to plant-based.

Health Risks Of Loneliness Include Cellular Changes: What Eleanor Rigby Didn't Know About The Physiology Of Solitude

Susan Scutti,Nov 23, 2015
Social isolation leads to fight-or-flight stress signaling, which can disturb the production of white blood cells in our bodies.

American Diabetes Month 2015: Chef Sam Talbot Explains 'Diabetes Diet' Includes Food That Swaps In Delicious, Healthy Alternatives

Stephanie Castillo,November 23, 2015
Mention diabetes and most people conjure a specific image: Older men and women who are likely overweight and can have absolutely no sugar.

Sleeping in Cold Room Boosts Your Metabolism And it Can Increase The Levels of Brown Adipose Tissue in Your Body

health freedom alliance, 23 November 2015
As we all know, sleeping is extremely important if you want to be healthy.

Canada Prime Minister: Junkfood Commercials Targeting Kids Should be Banned

Pao Uychiat, Nov 17, 2015
Junk food is an attractive part of every child's life. No matter how campaigns are being initiated to promote healthy food choices especially for children