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Newest STD On The Block, Found In Over 1% Of The Population

Susan Scutti, Nov 13, 2015
Slightly more than 1 percent of 4,500 participants tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease known as Mycoplasma genitalium (MG), a sample survey in the United Kingdom indicates.

Insulin sensitivity: One night of poor sleep could equal six months on a high-fat diet, study in dogs suggests

Science News, November 4, 2015
New research finds that one night of sleep deprivation and six months on a high-fat diet could both impair insulin sensitivity to a similar degree, demonstrating the importance of a good night's sleep on health.

More Squash, Less Bacon: Calculating Your Real-Life Heart Risk

Nancy Shute, November 24, 2014
Cardiovascular risk calculators usually expect you to know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. I have enough trouble remembering my email password.