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Insulin sensitivity: One night of poor sleep could equal six months on a high-fat diet, study in dogs suggests

Science News, November 4, 2015
New research finds that one night of sleep deprivation and six months on a high-fat diet could both impair insulin sensitivity to a similar degree, demonstrating the importance of a good night's sleep on health.

More Squash, Less Bacon: Calculating Your Real-Life Heart Risk

Nancy Shute, November 24, 2014
Cardiovascular risk calculators usually expect you to know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. I have enough trouble remembering my email password.

Skip Calorie Counting. Eat a Plant-Based Diet & Enjoy!

Lani Muelrath, September 17, 2015
Whether you are a veg-food veteran or just taking your first steps on the plant-based journey, there are more resources and research support than ever before for making the switch to plant-based.

Health Risks Of Loneliness Include Cellular Changes: What Eleanor Rigby Didn't Know About The Physiology Of Solitude

Susan Scutti,Nov 23, 2015
Social isolation leads to fight-or-flight stress signaling, which can disturb the production of white blood cells in our bodies.

American Diabetes Month 2015: Chef Sam Talbot Explains 'Diabetes Diet' Includes Food That Swaps In Delicious, Healthy Alternatives

Stephanie Castillo,November 23, 2015
Mention diabetes and most people conjure a specific image: Older men and women who are likely overweight and can have absolutely no sugar.