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Is Sparkling Water Is Damaging Our Teeth?

Fizzy water is damaging our teeth as its acidity wears down enamel, an expert warns.

Sparkling water is more acidic than the plain version of the beverage, which is made worse by its common inclusion of additives, according to Dr Edmond Hewlett from the UCLA School of Dentistry.

Drinking fizzy water causes a chemical reaction that produces carbonic acid and gives the drink its distinctive ‘crisp' taste, however, that same substance may also seriously damage our dental health.


A Vegetable With A Protein Punch You Should Be Using

I'll be the first to admit it, up until a few weeks ago I was not much of a kohlrabi advocate. To me, it looks like it came from the dinosaur era and feels almost mutated. But! It keeps appearing in CSA boxes and on grocery stands, so I did some more research and came to find out that it's in the same family as kale, collards, broccoli, and mustard greens. What's inside, though, is totally unique.



5 Seeds That Help You Live Longer… and why taking them TOGETHER can fight off some of the worst symptoms of aging.

5 COMMON ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH AGING * Digestive issues * Skin problems * Hair loss * Pain * Sluggish liver

Young or old — one or all of these major issues are likely to hit you like a mack truck at some point in your life. It can happen when you’re 28 or 88 but eventually these pain points are going to impair your quality of life before you even see them coming.

Unless… they don’t.

Healthy Options For Your Junk Food Cravings… Mmmmm

One of my favorite things about being a chef is taking an existing traditional recipe and playing around with it to make it healthier—without sacrificing any flavor. Here are my go-to swaps for when junk food cravings hit:

If you're craving Mac & Cheese, try Quinoa Pasta With Walnut Miso Sauce

Native American Medicinal Plants You Should Know

While on my quest to find more natural ways to prevent and cure any ailment known to man, I ran into an array of plants that I had never seen before. As a child, one of my father’s hobbies was harvesting plants and growing fruits and vegetables. After school, I would go outside to help him even though I did not have much of a green thumb.

1 in 5 Baby Food Samples Have Lead Here’s What You Need to Know

You may have caught wind of last week’s news that 20 percent of baby food—and 14 percent of other food—contains lead. The finding came from a report by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a nonprofit advocacy group.

Here’s what you should know.

Ghastly Yuck “I’d Never Those Disgusting Ingredients” But Actually You Do…

Still believe that processed food products are mostly pretty wholesome and, as they often like to claim, ‘full of natural goodness’?

Well, they’re certainly full of something, but perhaps not what you believe. None of us would really choose to eat some of the truly disgusting ingredients that have been cunningly packed inside a strawberry-flavored pudding, ice cream or a hot dog.

8 Benefits of Sardines (& How to Make Them Taste Great)

Let me guess, you are one of two kinds of people when it comes to sardines:

You love them and eat them regularly or you can’t stand them and don’t even know why you are reading a post about them.

Statistically, it’s likely you are in the latter group, as 73% of people claim to dislike sardines. But give me 5 minutes and I might convince you to try them… and maybe even love them!

Here’s why:

Do You Shower At Night Or In The Morning? Science Has Decided Which Is Best, But The Internet Is Still Divided

Today we face an eternal question: Is it better to shower in the morning or at night?

Everyone has his or her own preferences and routines when it comes to hygiene, but science seems to have come down on the side of the evening shower. Cold science cannot sway the human heart, however, and plenty of people are saying, “Hell, nope,” to the idea of switching up their bathing routines. On a personal note, I have to say that, while the reasons for showering at night are compelling, you’ll have to rip my morning shower out of my cold, dead hands, you monster. Ahem.


EMF dangers revealed: California hid ‘health guidelines’ document on safe cell phone use since 2010

It has come to light that a key document containing important guidelines regarding safe cell phone use has been kept from the public – especially the threat of EMF pollution. The California health department has potentially put millions of people at increased risk of cancer by hiding this document.

The guidelines were meant to enlighten the public about the risks of cell phone radiation and EMF exposure. The document contains best practices for avoiding harm and staying safe while using a cell phone. Minimizing EMF exposure crucial to safe cell phone use