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 July 31, 2002


 Dear Reader,

 Those of you who are HSI members may recall a recent Members Alert from this past June about a product called Nasaleze, and the title of the Alert says it all: "Believe it or not, an inactive substance may relieve your allergy and hay fever symptoms."

Balancing act

Contributing Editor: Health Sciences Institute e-Alert,


 Lift your hand and reach over to turn on the lamp. Now imagine that your hand and arm won't respond - this casual movement that you've made all of your life without giving it a second thought, suddenly can't be done. That's the sort of daily challenge endured by thousands of stroke victims.

A royal pain

Contributing Editor: Health Sciences Institute e-Alert,


The Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence 227 years ago this week, but the war for independence raged for another 5 long years. Since then our relations with England have improved noticeably. In fact, we get along quite well these days - being jolly good sports about letting bygones be bygones and all that.

All the news that's fit to print - plus the truth!

Contributing Editor: Health Sciences Institute

July 7, 2002

 It's a rare thing to see a major, multi-year study involving thousands of subjects abruptly halted. But that's what happened today when the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) announced that its study of hormone replacement therapy was simply too dangerous to continue.

But wait - if you're currently undergoing prescription HRT, don't run to your medicine cabinet and throw it out. Not yet, anyway.

Taking a Brody

Contributing Editor: Health Sciences Institute

July 10, 2002

 This past weekend at Wimbledon, Venus and Serena Williams dominated. They each advanced to the final round of the singles championship (little sister Serena won it this year), and then teamed up the next day to win the doubles title - once again.

I watched their doubles match as I browsed through the Sunday New York Times. The cover story in the magazine was a new chapter in another intense volley that's been going on for years in the diet world.

Invoking the 25th

Health Sciences Institute  

July 11, 2002

 Katie Couric did it. President Bush did it. But if you do it you probably won't have to do it on national television (thank goodness!), and it's even less likely that you'll need to invoke the 25th amendment and transfer your powers to the vice president for a couple of hours.

The "it" I'm talking about is colonoscopy, the colon cancer screening test that's becoming one of the most well publicized medical procedures ever.

Detection & management


Contributing Editor: Health Sciences Institute

December 12, 2001

 It was a beautiful December morning - cold and crisp. Finally, a day that held the promise of winter in the air. I was sitting at my computer, enjoying the sleepy silence of my house, with a cat on my lap and a steaming mug of coffee by my side.


Health Sciences Institute e-Alert

June 19, 2002

Dear Reader,

"AMAZING, this is the standard of care for people with heart
attacks for the last 10 + years! In 1992 my grandfather was 84
and they gave him TPA (a type of thrombolytic therapy), he died
two days later as a result of massive strokes caused by the
drugs. If I had known this drug would have increased his
mortality by about 80%, I would have obviously refused to allow
the doctors/hospital to give it."


Health Sciences Institute e-Alert

June 18, 2002

Dear Reader,

Imagine if we lived in a world where you could get a promotion at work just by changing the color of your shirt. Or you could have more friends simply by using paper bags instead of plastic.

I know, it sounds completely absurd. But for patent drugs, scenarios like these are also surprisingly common.

A new beginning