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Action Needed In Illinois, Oppose Senate Bill 2936

Illinois current monopolistic Dietitian law is up for repeal in 2013 and Senate Bill 2936 is attempting to extend the law until 2023.The Illinois Dietitian and Nutrition Services law is one of the most restrictive monopolistic Dietitian laws in the U.S.

Profoundly Flawed Study Used as Basis for CDC’s New Report on Supposed “Dangers” of Raw Milk | The Alliance for Natural Health

To hear the media tell it, our lives are in jeopardy if we drink unpasteurized milk. But the facts tell the opposite story.

Citizens organize rally to defend raw dairy farmer facing three years in prison

Wisconsin raw dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger has had it tough, as government tyrants in the Dairy State have repeatedly targeted him for legally supplying raw milk and other farm-fresh foods to members of a private buying club, for which he now faces a potential three-year prison term and more than $10,000 in fines. In his defense, a group of food sovereignty advocates will be holding a rally on March 2 at the Sauk County Courthouse in Baraboo, Wisc., where he is set to appear for a court hearing.