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Influenza A (H1N1) virus is a subtype of influenzavirus A and the most common cause of influenza (flu) in humans. Some strains of H1N1 are endemic in humans and cause a small fraction of all influenza-like illness and a large fraction of all seasonal influenza. H1N1 strains caused roughly half of all human flu infections in 2006.[1] Other strains of H1N1 are endemic in pigs (swine influenza) and in birds (avian influenza).

Did U.S. make a swine flu mistake?

As U.S. health officials struggle to vaccinate tens of millions of Americans against the pandemic of swine flu, some are looking regretfully at one easy way to instantly double or triple the number of doses available -- by using an immune booster called an adjuvant.

IMVA Emergency Alert

Prime Minister Tymoshenko stated, “We cannot relax even for a moment because the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts two more waves of flu, including the bird flu, are expected in Ukraine. There is no alternative to vaccination. The entire world is going this way…”

H1N1 "super flu" plague in Ukraine spark concern, conspiracy theories about origins

Here's what we know with some degree of certainty about the H1N1 virus in Ukraine right now: nearly 300 people have died from the viral strain, and over 65,000 people have been hospitalized (the actual numbers are increasing by the hour).

Chicago–H1N1 Doses Will Now be Escorted by Police

The swine flu vaccine has become a coveted commodity all over the country, but someone in Milwaukee appeared at first glance to carry the notion to a new level this week, stealing off in a refrigerated truck that was hauling 930 of the prized doses.