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Gun Control


The first objective of our conquest was to gain control of communications and the second was to clean the gold and silver out of our banks. The third was to convince the majority that paper is “as good as gold” Fait accompli! The fourth was to intimidate most into waiving their rights (if they even knew them). The last objective is to disarm us. PLEASE READ ON!

“Our monetary system would not work if all of the world’s bankers were not in collusion,”---Merrill Jenkins, Monetary Realist, (1919-1979)


Gun Nuts at 30,000 Feet?

by James Bovard

March 7, 2005

After the pervasive failure of airport security on 9/11, the Air Line Pilots Association sought federal permission for pilots to carry handguns to defeat hijackers. Capt. Steve Luckey, chairman of the association’s flight-security committee, explained, “The only reason we want lethal force in the cockpit is to provide an opportunity to get the aircraft on the ground. We don’t have 911. We can’t pull over.”


The Right of the People: A Bill of Rights Documentary

by David T. Hardy

What are students and others being taught about the Bill of Rights?

In most cases precious little, and in some cases what is taught is dead wrong. Students come to regard freedom of speech as a given, and the right to arms as a nullity. How many realize that:

In the early 1800s, newspapermen and even congressmen were sentenced to lengthy jail terms for mild criticisms of President Adams?


You are not to reference the Constitution

by Vin Suprynowicz

June 23, 2002

Protesting a Denver ordinance against bearing arms, business owner and Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Rick Stanley late last year strapped on a hip holster bearing a .380 Beretta (fellow protester Duncan Philp chose a shoulder rig) during a Dec. 15 rally celebrating the 210th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.


Impact of Gun Control Laws Questioned


Associated Press Writer
October 3, 2003 

ATLANTA -- A sweeping federal review of the nation's gun control laws -- including mandatory waiting periods and bans on certain weapons -- found no proof such measures reduce firearm violence. 

The review, released Thursday, was conducted by a task force of scientists appointed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 


Gun bans don't work

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study last week that states there is no evidence to prove gun-control laws are effective in preventing violence. No kidding. There always has been substance to the cliche that guns don't kill people, people do. Correlative to that rule is that the criminals who use guns to kill usually possess their weapons illegally. These serial lawbreakers are not deterred by statutes prohibiting or regulating gun ownership.


House Adopts Measure Banning Anti-Gun Lawsuits

By Robert B. Bluey Staff Writer
April 10, 2003

( - The U.S. House of Representatives adopted legislation Wednesday that would put a stop to the growing number of lawsuits targeting the firearms industry for misuse of its products.

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act breezed to passage by a 285-140 vote. The bill, which had the support of 63 Democrats, met little opposition in the House but faces a tougher road in the Senate.