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Gun Control

The Racist Roots of Gun Control

by Clayton E. Cramer

This appeared in the Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy, 4:2 [Winter, 1995]. The printed form has different footnote numbering, and a few of the modern sources have been changed from electronic archives to printed versions of the same documents. (There may have been a very few minor changes in wording.)


Why You Need Guns: The Bottom Line

by Brad Edmonds

It’s good to review this occasionally to keep the information fresh, especially since both sides of Capitol Hill are still on the attack against you: There are three reasons you need guns – to defend yourself and your property from common criminals; to defend against foreign invasion; and to defend yourself from your government.


Gun-control elitists hate, fear common people

Charley Reese

May 3, 2001

Probably no subject generates more lies and deliberate distortions of the facts than gun control.

It's easy to understand once you comprehend that the motivation is to disarm the common citizens of the United States. The talk may be about crime or safety or children, but the goal is to disarm the common citizens.