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Coconut Oil And Lemon Mixture: How It Helps Graying Hair

Your hair is bound to start graying as you grow older, and this is completely natural and inevitable. While hair grays for some people when they hit their 40s or 50s, some people experience premature hair graying during their 20s or 30s. While it’s not really possible to reverse any gray hair you may have back to its original color, you could care for your hair enough to possibly slow down the rate at which it grays.

What your gray hair may be telling you

When Ann Wigmore was in her 50s, she was riddled with health issues and had a full head of gray hair. She then began a life-changing journey of living foods, which included green smoothies and ample shots of wheatgrass. Before long, she regained her health along with a fresh glow. Interestingly, her hair returned to its youthful color as well. Considering the condition of the hair reflects nutritional status and overall vitality, Ann Wigmore's dramatic transformation isn't surprising. In light of this, it's important to keep in mind that premature graying hair is much more than a cosmetic concern, it can indicate serious nutritional deficiencies and foreshadow a future of disease.