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“Let There Be Darkness: Fiat Money and Citizen Ignorance”

Several months ago, our SupremeLaw discussion list on the Internet was grappling with the many facets of the money problems facing America. Because public schools have now been fingered for promoting a deliberate dumbing down of the American People, we felt it was not too late to put some simple examples on the table, to help our fellow Americans overcome that disability.


Physicians Committee Statement: Doctors Sue Government for Hiding Animal Welfare Data

From Mark Kennedy, Vice President of Legal Affairs

In our work to modernize and humanize research and medical training through the replacement of animal use, the Physicians Committee depended on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s animal welfare database, which was shut down on Feb. 3, 2017. Today, we are taking legal action to restore it.


The latest disease outbreak among vaccinated Harvard students highlights the truth about vaccine failures

J. D. Heyes, April 28 2016
In case you hadn't heard, there is something going on at the Harvard University campus that isn't supposed to happen: There is a widening outbreak of mumps, and all the students who have contracted the disease thus far had already been vaccinated for the disease.

Vaccines and Retroviruses: Whistleblower Reveals What the Grovernment is Hiding

John P. Thomas, March 4, 2016
Data suggests that 6% of the U.S. population is harboring a retrovirus in their bodies that can develop into an acquired immune deficiency.

Ohio Gun Seller Alleges ‘Widespread’ Government Discrimination

Kelsey Harkness, February 25, 2016
An Ohio firearms retailer who was recently denied access to banking services says the federal government is continuing to “discriminate against” his industry.

China moving quickly to deploy hypersonic glide vehicle: Pentagon

The Chinese military is moving rapidly to develop and deploy its new hypersonic glide vehicle, conducting six successful tests – the most recent in November – as well as a recent successful test of an anti-satellite missile, U.S. Strategic Command officials said Friday.

Garbage Science – Global Warming

Dr. Sircus, January 20, 2016
Western government propaganda is increasing as the weather around the world defies global warming predictions. The latest publication insists that global warming is likely to disrupt a natural cycle of ice ages and contribute to delaying the onset of the next big freeze until about 100,000 years from now is utterly senseless.

A Call to Humanity for Food Freedom Action – Keep These Peaceful Farmers Out of Prison!

Heather Callaghan, Posted on December 10, 2015
A Natural Blaze exclusive interview With Michael Schmidt about serious charges instigated on him and Montana Jones by the Canadian government and what we can do to keep food freedom for posterity – and keep our humanity.