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Your car's location is being routinely tracked by the government as you drive

Do you have an expectation of privacy when you step into your vehicle? Apparently you don't, because in case you didn't know, you're being tracked everywhere you drive. And for that, you can blame the double-edged sword of technology.

Obama creates twice as many food stamp dependants than new jobs

New government economic and employment figures released July 31 produced much enthusiasm among the corporate establishment media up and down the Washington, D.C.-New York City corridor, but outside the beltway in flyover country - that would be the rest of the United States - that there economy isn't looking nearly so glitzy. And what's more, the administration's spin on it is shockingly disingenuous, but we expect that from this White House by now.

Nonprofit Medicine: Is Government About to Throw It under the Bus?

Who controls healthcare? We wish we could say it was consumers, but they have less and less of a voice. Actually, healthcare today is controlled by three entities: government, for-profit businesses, and nonprofits—and before long, the first two may muscle out the third.

Remember when the idea of the government reading your emails was a 'conspiracy theory?'

Britain's King George, against whom our founding fathers rebelled, would have no doubt been much better prepared for the colonists' revolt had he access to the kind of technology available to the U.S. government these days. If he had, chances are good that the rebellion which launched the most successful republic in the history of the world might never have succeeded.

Facebook has been secretly compiling 'shadow profiles' of all users Learn more:

If you're one of those who held out hope that social media sites like Facebook actually adhered to their own privacy policies, I'm sorry to say that you've been duped. Badly.

Breast cancer rates skyrocket among women AND men in the armed forces, government still won't cover treatment

In a finding that has researchers vexed, researchers are discovering that both female and male members of the U.S. armed forces are experiencing a rise in breast cancer.

Trust us: A brief history of government spying

In 1975, the Church Committee revealed the extent to which the federal government’s intelligence apparatuses were aimed not at foreign enemies, but at Americans. While President Obama has repeatedly told us that we should trust the government, history teaches us that the current scandal involving the National Security Agency is not an isolated incident.