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GMO Labeling

Whole Foods agrees to label all GMO foods by 2018 - but why the long wait?

After years of dodging the issue, natural grocery chain Whole Foods Market has gone public with plans to require the labeling of all foods sold in its stores that contain genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). The only problem is that the new labeling requirements will not come into effect until 2018, which has already generated quite a bit of controversy as to why this natural and organic leader would wait an additional five years to act on such a pertinent issue.

India passes GMO labeling law, but some worry its provisions were poorly planned

The world's second most populous country, India, has finally given some teeth to an earlier draft ruling from 2006 that mandates the labeling of all foods that contain genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). And while the move represents yet another positive step towards full food transparency, details about how the new requirements will be implemented and enforced are still lacking, say some, which raises a number of important questions about how to approach future grassroots GMO labeling initiatives elsewhere throughout the world.

Is It A Good Idea To Label Genetically Modified Foods?

A new bill in California would force food producers to disclose if any genetically engineered ingredients were in what you eat. Is the law common sense or simply trying to hold back the future of food?

BREAKING NEWS! FDA Reversing its Supplement-Destroying New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Guidance

Says Nutraingredients-usa: "The FDA might have spent the past year vigorously defending its much-maligned draft guidance on new dietary ingredients (NDIs), but it appears it has been listening to industry concerns as well."

The case for mandatory GMO labeling - even if you believe in limited government and the free market

Now that the GMO labeling ballot measure has been officially accepted onto the California ballot, Monsanto is gearing up its propaganda campaign that aims to convince people you don't need to know what you're eating! Trust us, we're the food companies! We never lie, do we?