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GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

A new measure of intelligence: Big-picture thinking trumps narrow-minded expertise

Observing the various realms of science, medicine, experts and world events, I've come to the conclusion that our modern definition of "intelligence" (IQ) is seriously lacking.

Leaked reports reveal US threatened EU to accept GMOs

The European Union (EU) has been largely resistant to adopting genetically-modified organisms (GMO), and rightly so considering their threat to human health and to the environment.

Judge Orders Destruction of Monsanto Genetically Modified Beets

federal judge ordered the destruction last night of a batch of genetically modified sugar beets that he said had been planted illegally with the approval of the Agriculture Department.

Documents Show FDA Failed to Consult Wildlife Officials About Genetically Modified Salmon

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may have violated the Endangered Species Act when it failed to involve other federal agencies in an upcoming decision that could legalize genetically modified (GM) salmon for human consumption, according to a consumer protection group.

European support for GMOs continues to plummet

Europeans are growing weary of all the pro-GMO (genetically-modified organism) propaganda being spewed by multinational biotechnology companies like Monsanto, and polls now show that strong support for GMOs has reached a low of roughly five percent.

Votes opposing GMOs crash The Economist poll website

Last week we published a story urging our readers to vote NO on the GMO / biotech survey being hosted by The Economist. Within two hours after our post went live and people started sharing it on Facebook and elsewhere, the Economist's poll servers crashed hard and stayed offline for the entire weekend.

Monsanto pressing for GMO sugar beet ban to be lifted

Sugar beet farmers from across the country are bemoaning the court ruling from last October that barred any further plantings of genetically-modified (GM) sugar beets until proper safety studies have been completed.

FDA Banning Food Makers from Telling the Truth about GMO Content

In case anyone had any doubts about who the FDA really serves, the latest news should prove once and for all whose side they are on - and it isn't yours or mine.