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Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic pancake mixes just released by Health Ranger

I'm super excited today to announce the availability of my new organic, gluten-free, non-GMO pancake mixes in three delicious flavors: Blueberry-Vanilla, Banana-Pecan and Apple-Cinnamon. All three of these mixes are laboratory verified A+ or better in our heavy metals lab, and they're all based on coconut flour, not the rice flour typically used in gluten-free pancake mixes.

Is your 'gluten-free' or 'vegan' diet truly healthy?

Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan are all the rage these days. Many people, whether they have a food allergy or not, believe that foods with these and other common labeling distinctions are automatically healthier than other foods. But do you really know what is contained in that gluten-free loaf of bread or those vegetarian "sausage" links? Chances are if it is packaged, processed, and contains more than about half a dozen ingredients on the label, it is still an unhealthy food, regardless of whether or not it contains wheat or animal-based products.

Banish gluten from your diet with the help of these nutrient-packed foods

Whether you already suffer from known intolerances and toxic reactions to gluten or you're proactively looking to improve your overall health, avoiding the infamous grain protein altogether may seem a bit daunting at first -- but only at first. As greater numbers of consumers begin to educate themselves and take responsibility for their own health, rather than trusting in the failing patterns of conventional Western medicine, alternatives not only abound, but are becoming increasingly creative in approach.

Health benefits of quinoa and tasty gluten-free breakfast recipe

Amid the recent push toward a grain-free lifestyle, it is vital to remember that for millennia, people consumed grains as their primary source for nutrition. It is advised that we take a moderate approach to our diet and consume a healthy balance of fresh fruits and veggies in addition to grains and legumes.