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Genetically Engineered

10 Foods Sold in the U.S. That Are Banned Elsewhere

Americans are slowly realizing that food sold in the US doesn’t just taste different than foods sold in other countries, it’s created differently. Sadly, many U.S. foods are BANNED in Europe — and for good reason. Take a look at the plummeting health of Americans; what role might toxic foods play in our skyrocketing disease rates?

How babies are being genetically engineered

There you are in your fertility doctor’s office. The results of the genetic tests on your embryos just came back. Your doctor informs you that one of them has the AR gene (androgen receptor genes), which has been correlated with an increase in violent behavior. What he does not tell you is that the AR gene only correlates with increased violence in already existing criminal populations.(1) The AR gene is not a scary “defect”, it is the gene that codes for testosterone and other androgen hormones in males.(2)

Agent Orange Soy: Just Another Day at USDA

The poison can drift up to 100 miles, and may be in your water! Action Alert! Remember our article from February about the strain of corn that has been genetically engineered to withstand the herbicide 2,4-D, one of the active ingredients in Agent Orange?