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Foods that keep you from a cough, cold, runny nose and more

Fall is practically here, vacations are winding down, and the new school year has begun. That means colds and flus are lurking nearby, waiting for the earliest chance make their seasonal debut. It’s a good time to start preparing.

The number one cause for 90% of all heart attacks

Inflammation of the lining of the coronary arteries has been known for some time to be at the root of virtually all coronary atherosclerosis that eventually leads to partially obstructive lesions, the acute formation of an occluding blood clot, and the resulting heart attack that is the number one cause of death in the United States.

This Happens Within 20 Minutes Of Drinking A Coke

Drinking Coca-Cola is as American as apple pie, football and fireworks on the 4th of July. Unfortunately, the negative health effects of drinking Coca-Cola are often sidestepped or even ignored since it has become so commonplace in American culture.

Tea Party supporters distrust scientists not only on climate, but on vaccines — study

For a long time, it has been apparent that skepticism about the science of climate change is not evenly distributed across the political spectrum. Rather, multiple studies have shown that it is more common on the political right