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Baby Boomers Need Help Beating the Bulge

Sun Aug 4, 2002

By Kathleen Doheny
HealthScoutNews Reporter

SUNDAY, Aug. 4 (HealthScoutNews) -- "Super size it!"

"Buy two cookies, get one free!"

"Some dessert with your coffee?"

Everywhere you turn, it seems someone is inviting you, even begging you, to eat. To feast, actually. Why have two cookies when you can buy three for the same price? Why have small portions when you can polish off a hungry man meal?

Calif. Monitors Chickens Vs. Virus

Mon Aug 5, 2002

By ANDREW BRIDGES, AP Science Writer

WEST COVINA, Calif. (AP) - With West Nile virus making its steady march west, California is playing an enormous game of chicken with the deadly virus.

About 2,000 chickens in a county- and state-run program stand guard against the virus around California, armed with no more than the warm blood mosquitoes love. Health officials are betting the fowls will be the first to signal West Nile's inevitable, and perhaps imminent, arrival in the nation's most populous state.

British Legionnaire's Disease Cases Reach 47

Mon Aug 5, 2002

By Ian Hodgson

BARROW-IN-FURNESS, England (Reuters) - Sixty-two people were undergoing medical treatment Sunday as Britain faced its worst outbreak of Legionnaire's disease in 17 years, health authorities said.

The number of confirmed cases rose to 47 Sunday from 39 Saturday. A further 15 people were suspected of having contracted the disease.

School Toilets Often Dirty, Unlockable: UK Study

Thu Aug 1, 2002

By Charnicia E. Huggins

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Some of the same regulations that govern bathrooms in adult workplaces should apply to toilet facilities in schools, according to two Welsh researchers.

They report that many children are not able to lock their bathroom stalls to ensure their privacy, and that some children are bullied while they are using the toilet. These and other factors appear to make children reluctant to use school toilets, they note.

Producing a Healthy Diet

Fri Aug 2, 2002

((HealthScoutNews) -- Ever wonder whether you need vitamin supplements to stay healthy?

The Duke University Medical Center says you can get almost all the vitamins you need from a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains. However, if you don't eat well, vitamins are important -- especially if you also smoke or drink alcohol.

Controlling Your Asthma

Fri Aug 2, 2002

(HealthScoutNews) -- If you find yourself using your quick-relief inhaler to stop an asthma attack more than twice a week, it may be time for a different medication.

So recommends the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. In fact, if you have to refill your inhaler more than two times a year or are awakened by asthma symptoms two nights or more per week, you also probably need a change, the medical center says.

Chemo Overdoses at Johns Hopkins

Thu Aug 1, 2002

BALTIMORE (AP) - Chemotherapy overdoses were given to two children being treated at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, including a critically ill 2-year-old boy whose overdose may have caused him to go deaf, health officials said.

The boy who lost his hearing received twice the correct dose of the cancer chemotherapy drug carboplatin on three successive days two months ago, the state health department said.

Rise in Body Weight Linked Directly to Heart Risk

Wed Jul 31, 2002

By Alison McCook

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The risk of developing heart failure increases with a person's weight: rising slightly in those who are only slightly overweight, and eventually doubling in those who are obese, US researchers report.

Based on these findings, Dr. Ramachandran S.