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Rise in Body Weight Linked Directly to Heart Risk

Wed Jul 31, 2002

By Alison McCook

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The risk of developing heart failure increases with a person's weight: rising slightly in those who are only slightly overweight, and eventually doubling in those who are obese, US researchers report.

Based on these findings, Dr. Ramachandran S.

Red Wine May Cut Heart Disease Risk in Obese: Study

Tue Jul 30,  2002

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - While it is well established that obese people have a greater risk of developing heart disease, a new report suggests that this risk may be offset, at least in part, by consuming moderate amounts of red wine.

In their study, Dr. J. B. Dixon and colleagues of Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, found that obese people who consumed moderate amounts of red wine had lower levels of a blood protein called homocysteine.

Clues to Muscular Dystrophy Revealed

Thu Jul 25, 2002

By Merritt McKinney

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Some forms of muscular dystrophy affect both the muscles and the brain, but how these disorders can cause abnormalities on two fronts has been a mystery. Now scientists have discovered a link between the progressive muscular weakness and mental retardation that occurs in some types of muscular dystrophy.

Muscular dystrophy refers to a group of genetic disorders marked by progressive weakening and degeneration of muscles throughout the body.

Some Body 'Clocks' Age Faster Than Others

Tue Jul 23, 2002

By Merritt McKinney

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The aging process can take a toll on the body's internal rhythms, and now new research suggests that some body parts age faster than others--at least when it comes to telling time.

In a study of old and young rats, internal "clocks" in certain tissues became less reliable with age, but others "kept time" as well as they did in younger animals.

Docs: Thousands of UK Stroke Victims Die Needlessly

Wed Jul 24, 2002

By Richard Woodman

LONDON (Reuters Health) - Thousands of stroke patients are dying in Britain because hospitals lack the resources to provide specialist care, the Royal College of Physicians said on Wednesday.

"Twenty-seven thousand people a year are ending up either dead or more disabled than they otherwise would be," said Dr. Tony Rudd, who led a college audit examining the way hospitals care for stroke patients.

A Firefighter's Worst Enemy: Heart Attack

Wed Jul 24, 2002

By Serena Gordon
HealthScoutNews Reporter

WEDNESDAY, July 24 (HealthScoutNews) -- Battling smoke and flames on a daily basis is obviously a risky career choice, but fires aren't the leading cause of death for on-duty firefighters.

Heart attacks are.

This Old House May Help Your Health

Wed Jul 24, 2:04 PM ET

By Jennifer Thomas
HealthScoutNews Reporter

WEDNESDAY, July 24 (HealthScoutNews) -- The floors might creak and the roof might leak, but your old house just might be good for you in a way you wouldn't expect.

People who live in old houses in urban areas do a lot more walking than people who live in newer homes, new research says.