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How To Use Pressed Garlic To REVERSE Eyesight Loss Without Glasses

The eyesight is probably our most important sense. The eyes allow us to see the world, but their impact is often underestimated and we use them to look at different gadgets which can seriously damage them. Loss of vision is usually associated with aging, but sometimes it’s caused by bad lifestyle choices. Some everyday habits can increase or decrease the risk of developing various eyesight problems.

Make your own garlic powder for an easy, inexpensive way to improve health and add flavor to meals

By Grimes: (NaturalNews) The herb garlic has been used as a flavoring since the earliest times of mankind's history. It has been found in the Egyptian pyramids and was used in temples in ancient Greece. Garlic has been used as a spice and also as a medicine. Even Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, recommended the use of garlic. Modern research has now shown garlic to have a wide variety of healing benefits. The best form of garlic is fresh garlic, because it contains compounds that break down when you cut or chew the garlic bulbs. Garlic is easy to grow indoors or out.

Don't throw away your sprouted garlic; it's a superfood

By Fassa: (NaturalNews) First, let's clear the air on those "garlic is poisonous" rumors that a few hold, similar to the zealous "apple and apricot seeds are toxic" fear mongers.

A little bit of knowledge is dangerous when it overlooks all the details of the complete picture. The disinformation fear mongers should all be ignored. Read why here.

Five best natural anti-inflammatory herbs

By Sofiya: (NaturalNews) Inflammation is characterized as swelling and redness on the skin's surface associated with pain. Inflammation is the body's reaction to threatening or harmful stimuli. On occasion, many people may experience mild inflammation flare-ups due to environmental allergens, micro-organisms or toxins. When flare-ups become more frequent than occasional, a person may be at risk for tissue damage, due to chronic inflammation.

Benefits of common root vegetables

By Sinclair:(NaturalNews) Root vegetables are exactly what the name implies - they are the root of the plant. The most common root vegetables have become family staples: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and beets. High in vitamins and minerals that they absorb from the ground, root vegetables are full of nutrients and are an excellent source of fiber. Many are high in vitamin C, B vitamins, and vitamin A. Many are high in antioxidants. Several have remarkable healing properties.

Cleanse and protect the liver with these nutritious whole foods

By Ravensthrope:(NaturalNews) According to the Canadian Liver Foundation, the liver performs more than 500 different functions in the body on a day-to-day basis. It helps filter chemicals such as drugs and alcohol from our blood, regulate our hormones and blood sugar levels, manufacture blood proteins, bile and enzymes, and much more.(1) In fact, there are few biological operations that the liver doesn't aid to some extent.