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Fukushima Update 11/11/2017: 15,641.2 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow

Updated November 11, 2017: Fukushima Equals 15,641.2 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow; There is No Place On Earth to Escape the Rad: The 3 melted-through cores of the destroyed reactors, now melted together into a single “corium” totaling over 600 tons, at Fukushima daily release the radioactive equivalent of 6.45 Hiroshima bombs directly into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean.


USS Reagan crew can sue Japanese company over Fukushima nuclear disaster – court

A federal appeals court has ruled that members of the US Navy can now, in a US court, pursue their lawsuit which alleges that they were exposed to radiation while providing aid after the nuclear crisis in Fukushima, Japan. On Thursday, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled in favor of the sailors who were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation while providing humanitarian aid after an earthquake destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

Has the 40-Year Plan to Stop the Leakage at Fukushima Already Failed?

Six years plus after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that led to a partial meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant on March 11, 2011, a near total media blackout on this issue is signal that a colossal cover-up is taking place, as few major media organizations are giving this story its proper due. Japan seems more concerned with stopping information leaks about the disaster than with stopping the contamination of radioactive materials into the soil, groundwater, and Pacific Ocean.


Florida Hit with Highest Level of Radioactive Material from Fukushima Outside Japan

Health Freedom Alliance, 10 April 2016
Analysis of data from sensitive U.S. monitoring stations for the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor accident, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity:

Our Hot Radioactive World is Getting Hotter

Dr Sircus, March 16, 2016
Cancer rates go up with increasing levels of radiation and heavy metal contamination. Though Natural Allopathic Medicine has a full protocol for radiation contamination, and its cellular consequences, this essay focuses in on the use of hydrogen and iodine to diminish the dangers of ionized radiation.

Fukushima radiation causes debilitating deformities in US Navy sailors

David Gutierrez, December, 31, 2015
U.S. Navy sailors and Marines dispatched to provide aid to Japan following the massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011 are now suffering a variety of rare and undiagnosed health problems, including many involving horrifying and visible changes to their bodies.

Fukushima exposes the myth of safe and cheap nuclear power, which turns out to be expensive and dangerous as Hell

Dr Sircus, Jan 04, 2016
I really hate to be woken up out of my sleep about Fukushima because it really is the nastiest thing going on our planet. There is no foreseeable end to it and nobody has any good ideas on how to stop it.