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Free Speech (Freedom Tech)

Stop Talking and Do Something

We Will Drive Together to DC and Deliver Our Warning:

This Nation Has a Constitution.   Our Government WILL Obey It.

For three years, this Foundation has been unsuccessful in its numerous attempts to get our servant government to respond to formal petitions for redress of grievances regarding well documented accusations challenging the legal authority and jurisdiction of the US Government to enforce an income tax upon the People of this nation.

By Mike Hersh (c) 2002

After The Soul Searching Ends, It's Time To Work For Our Survival.

We deserve some time to look inside ourselves to ponder what happened. We are only human, and cannot fault ourselves for seeking simple answers, giving in to sadness or letting out our anger. When the fog of failure lifts, when the blame game ends, we have to get to work.


by Alan Gathright 

September 27, 2002 

A federal 'No Fly' list, intended to keep terrorists from boarding planes, is snaring peace activists at San Francisco International and other U. S. airports, triggering complaints that civil liberties are being trampled. 

The Indelible Right of Free Expression

The Indelible Right of Free Expression

The list of artists whose work has been banned is a long one. Ronald P. White has joined that list. It was 1999 when this South Carolina artist last created a work of art in his home state, and that creation was videotaped and broadcast to a local television audience. While most artists would bask in the glow of such exposure, White’s led to his arrest and conviction for merely having performed his craft.