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Free Speech (Freedom Tech)

Pain of Politics

by William Stone, III

Exclusive to TLE

Letters to the editor, your Congressmen, the President. Protests, marches, political parties. T-shirts, coffee mugs, Web sites. Mailing campaigns, leaflets, fliers ...

We've tried and done them all, but in the end, what has it accomplished? Very damned little, I'm sorry to say. Every year the police state grows and every year the noose tightens a little bit more.


"'Under the proposed Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003, the Justice Department would support communities in terminating state law enforcement consent decrees from before Sept. 11, 2001, that limit police from gathering information about individuals and organizations,' the Associated Press reported April 6. 

'The classical definition of a police state'

Apr. 28, 2003

'The classical definition of a police state'
By Robyn Blumner
St. Petersburg Times

Sometimes, before an abusive government practice gains widespread attention, bad things have to happen to someone with this bio: American citizen, blond wife, adorable children, good job and high-status friends.

That victim would be Maher "Mike" Hawash, a naturalized American of Palestinian descent who has been held in federal custody as a material witness to a terrorism investigation since March 20.

ESSAY: National Unity & Hatred

by Richard A. Koenigsberg, Ph. D. 

What are these things called "nations" anyway? Why are persons so deeply attached to them, and why does everyone get so excited about them? 

Writing about the First World War, Randolph Bourne observed that the leaders demand a "100% Americanism among 100% of the population." The State, he notes, is a "jealous God and will brook no rivals" It brings a terrific force to bear against "heretics." 

Hollywood revives McCarthyist climate by silencing and sacking war critics

By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles

21 April 2003

Hollywood is often depicted in the US media as a hotbed of anti-government dissent and left-wing politics but that is not how it feels to Ed Gernon.

Radio talk-shows & criticism or dissent

by Charley Reese April 23, 2003


 Sean Hannity, a radio talk-show host and Fox News whiner, has a one-rut mind. Every criticism or dissent, no matter what the subject, the topic or the source, is a left-wing attack against his hero, George W. Bush.