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Top five holiday foods that promote cancer, diabetes, heart disease and premature death

The holiday food rush is on across the USA, and for the next month, Americans will be stuffing their faces with precisely the kind of disease-promoting foods that will cause them to scream, "Where's my free health care?" in early January.

FDA declares trans fats no longer safe to eat; partially-hydrogenated oils to be banned from nearly all foods

The FDA is on a roll. Barely two week after announcing new quality control standards for pet food manufacturers, the agency has declared that trans fats are no longer safe to consume. A ban of the toxic substance is in the works, and the FDA will spearhead the eventual removal of this disease-promoting ingredient from the food supply.

Defeat insomnia and sleep easy with these top foods

Poor sleep isn't only a nuisance, it's also dangerous for health. Currently, over 50 million Americans suffer from the condition, with women three times more susceptible than men. When we are sleep deprived, the risk of diabetes, depression and cardiovascular disease increase, immunity falters and our waistlines expand. As anyone who has suffered from insomnia knows, lack of decent shut-eye creates mayhem in personal and professional lives, while also jeopardizing ultimate well-being.

Health Basics: What are the four 'bad news' food groups?

How many bad diets are really out there? How much bad advice is floating around the media and how many roads leading to health destruction are there? Just how many "FDA approved" food products and "doctor recommended" weight control programs incorporate toxic foods, dead foods and synthetic foods, like artificial sweeteners and empty "carb" calories? Junk science, Big Food and the biotech industry (GMOs) will lead you right off a health "cliff" if you let them. These are the new dirty words of the food industry, and the four basic food groups of yesteryear have been blown to smithereens. Western "culture" (or lack thereof) misinforms and miseducates the kids in schools, and the "health" textbooks are full of lies.

Five easy steps to choosing safe foods

People prefer organic foods for varying reasons, such as quality and price, and because they are known to be healthy. In the United States, organic foods are cultivated and gathered without using artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Ten foods to help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's

The incidences of dementia and Alzheimer's in the United States are anticipated to increase along with people's longevity. A study indicated that the direct and indirect medical costs in the country may be expected to double by the year 2040. The rising number of incidences of these mental conditions have triggered efforts to devise preventive measures. According to research specialists, people can modify their lifestyles to decrease the probability of developing dementia and Alzheimer's. These include integrating daily physical and mental exercises and a healthier diet.

Health Basics: 50% of gluten-free foods still contain food toxins

Let us delve into a recent news story that aired this past August on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams; it talked about gluten-free foods only being necessary for people suffering from celiac and dismissed them for just about everyone else. One yoga instructor came on the program to talk about how she loves her gluten-free diet but didn't talk about what gluten really is, what it does to the body and why everyone should avoid it. That's probably WHY she was allowed to appear on TV.

20 Ingredients To Memorize and Avoid In ANY Food You Consume

Artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, emulsifiers, sweeteners have saturated the food supply for more than four decades. We are on the precipice of discovering what our toxic food industry has done to our bodies and our environment. There is a heightened awareness and a sense of caution on the minds of most grocery shoppers, so let’s make it easier for them. Here are 25 of the most common toxic ingredients you must avoid in foods. The discovery of even one of these ingredients on a food label means “stay away.”

Are diet foods making you fat?

You begin your day with yogurt and granola for breakfast followed by a wrap for lunch. You are able to work in an hour long fitness class after work then stop at a chain restaurant for a large salad for dinner. So why aren't you losing weight? Unfortunately, not all seemingly healthy foods are created equally.