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Food Stamps

In Illinois, 2 people sign up for food stamps for every 1 person who finds a job

By Benson:(NaturalNews) The Land of Lincoln is sinkin', with fresh Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data revealing a massive spike in food stamp enrollment with minimal job creation in the state of Illinois. According to the figures, only one new job is being created for every two new people who sign up for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), proving that economic recovery is still just a pipe dream.

Since 2008 Illinois' number of food stamp dependents has risen by a shocking 745,000

Entitlement insanity: Food stamp recruiters have monthly quota of people to enroll

A new study has found that not only is the food stamp program the fastest growing welfare entitlement in the nation, it is one of the most inefficient - and it's being driven by an abhorrent quota system that should enrage taxpayers.

Food banks brace for wave of hungry masses as federal food stamp cuts kick in

The federal food stamp program known as the "Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program" (SNAP) has now been cut by a small amount -- just $36 / month for a family of four. But even this tiny reduction in a national entitlement program is causing shockwaves across the nation as food banks scramble to handle the anticipated surge in "hungry masses."

Millions of dollars in food stamps used to purchase electronics and other non-food items

Waste, fraud and abuse has always been a part of government programs, but it seems that, as more Americans take part in them, the waste, fraud and abuse is increasing.

One-third of population of Puerto Rico now getting federal food stamps

According to new data, the U.S. taxpayer is forking out more than $2 billion a year to provide food stamps to citizens of Puerto Rico last year, and what's worse, as much as 25 percent of the aid is untraceable because it is distributed in cash and there's "no way to verify that funds are spent on food," the U.S. Department of Agriculture says.

Food stamps arming terrorists? USDA food stamps routinely used to purchase weapons and drugs

Shortly after the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, a local newspaper - The Boston Herald - reported that the family of the alleged bombers, and the bombers themselves, had been receiving state and federal welfare benefits.

Obama administration openly pushing food stamps to illegals; no citizenship required, no income status checked

Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reveal the Obama administration is actively marketing the federal food stamp program (SNAP) to illegal immigrants. A Spanish-language flyer obtainer by Judicial Watch says, "You need not divulge information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit for your children."


“Should there be a limit on how much tax payers dollars can be given to someone on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program?” Texas’ KGBT 4TV asks in an investigative report on possible food stamp abuse in the Rio Grande Valley.

Mother Denied Food Stamps, Kills Self Shoots Kids

Rachelle Grimmer first applied for food stamps from the state of Texas in July, only to be turned down for lack of information. On Tuesday, she applied again at the Health and Human Services department in Laredo, where she had moved eight months ago from Zanesville, Ohio, and was again denied — and she then pulled out a gun and started a seven-hour standoff with police that ended with her killing herself and shooting her 10-year-old son Timothy and her 12-year-old daughter Ramie. Both children are in “very critical condition.”