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Food Safety

Will Genetically ‘Edited’ Food Be Regulated? The Case Of The Mushroom

Dan Charles, 19 April 2016
If you snip a bit of DNA from a vegetable, but add no new genes, does that vegetable qualify as a genetically modified organism, or GMO?

Artificial sweetener Splenda found to release potentially toxic class of compounds when heated

Tara Paras, March 11, 2016
A new study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health has just called into question the safety of popular artificial sweetener Splenda (sucralose).

Trojan Horse trade policy provides loophole for banned GMOs to enter Europe

By Benson: (NaturalNews) Even though the biotech moguls have attained near-total control over the conventional U.S. food supply, they're not content with this monopolistic feat. A new trade agreement being proposed with the European Union seeks to dump more American food exports into Europe, a move that will require European food safety standards, which are among the most rigorous in the world, to be drastically lowered.

McDonald's apologizes over human tooth and plastic pieces found in food

By Lilley: (NaturalNews) There are many situations in which a fast food restaurant should offer an apology to its customers. A mix-up at the drive-through window or an incorrectly calculated bill are a couple of examples. But what about the appearance of a human tooth in an order of fries? If not a tooth, what about enjoying a sundae only to have your lip cut open from plastic hidden inside the dessert?

FOODSNIFFER smartphone app will allow food safety testing by consumers everywhere

European researchers are working on developing a smartphone-embedded sensor that would allow consumers to scan food for the presence of contaminants -- from pesticides and allergens to foodborne infectious agents.