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The Fluoride Myth Doesn't Hold Water (Fluoride the Deadly Legacy 3)

The big hope for fluoride was its ability to immunize children's developing teeth against cavities. Rates of dental caries were supposed to plummet in areas where water was treated. Yet decades of experience and worldwide research have contradicted this expectation numerous times. Here are just a few examples:


Biological Safety Concerns (Fluoride and its deadly Legacy 4)

Only a small margin separates supposedly beneficial fluoride levels from amounts that are known to cause adverse effects. Dr. James Patrick, a former antibiotics research scientist at the National Institutes of Health, describes the predicament:


The NAS Admits It Was Wrong (Fluoride: The deadly Legacy 5)

In 1989 Sherrell wrote to the NAS and asked on what they based their 20 to 80 mg/day figures. Two years passed before the Academy told her that they had identified Hodge's interpretation of Roholm as the data source.

Four years later the error was finally corrected by the National Research Council's Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology in their 1993 publication, Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride  where they changed the figure from 20-80mg/day to 10-20mg/day (61).


Dental Fluorosis (Fluoride and it's deadly Legacy 6)

According to a 1989 National Institute for Dental Research study, 1-2% of children living in areas fluoridated at 1 ppm develop dental fluorosis, that is, permanently stained, brown mottled teeth. Up to 23% of children living in areas naturally fluoridated at 4 ppm develop severe dental fluorosis. Other research gives higher figures.


Skeletal Fluorosis (Fluoride and it's deadly Legacy 7)

When fluoride is ingested, approximately 93% of it is absorbed into the bloodstream. A good part of the material is excreted, but the rest is deposited in the bones and teeth,(89) and is capable of causing a crippling skeletal fluorosis. This is a condition that can damage the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and result in muscle wasting, limited joint motion, spine deformities, and calcification of the ligaments, as well as neurological deficits.(90)


Bone Fractures (Fluoride and its Deadly Legacy 8)

At one time, fluoride therapy was recommended for building denser bones and preventing fractures associated with osteoporosis. Now several articles in peer-reviewed journals suggest that fluoride actually causes more harm than good, as it is associated with bone breakage.


Fluoride Poisoning (Fluoride the Deadly Legacy 9)

In May 1992, 260 people were poisoned, and one man died, in Hooper Bay, Alaska, after drinking water contaminated with 150 ppm of fluoride. The acci dent was attributed to poor equipment and an unqualified operator.(123) Was this a fluke? Not at all. Over the years, the CDC has recorded several incidents of excessive fluoride permeating the water supply and sickening or killing people.