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Food and Drug Administration

FDA counsel's rise embodies US shift

By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff, 12/22/2002

WASHINGTON - The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. was facing last July the kind of lawsuit that sends shudders through the drug industry. The suit alleged that Zoloft, the company's top-selling antidepressant, had backfired and caused a patient to commit suicide.

So Pfizer turned for help to one of the most powerful lawyers in the Bush administration: Daniel E. Troy, chief legal counsel of the US Food and Drug Administration.


No Cyborg Nation Without FDA's OK

Oct. 08, 2002

written by Julia Scheeres

In May, three members of a Florida family were implanted with ID chips, sparking an international debate over the implications of the technology.

The manufacturer insisted that the VeriChip would revolutionize the fields of security and health care by providing a tamper-proof form of identification. Privacy pundits, meanwhile, fretted over forcible chipping and biblical literalists warned that a microchip could be interpreted as the "Mark of the Beast."


FDA Forces Fatal Chemo on Kids

Michael and Raphaele Horwin never imagined that trying to save their son's life might mean he'd be taken away from them.

Two-year-old Alexander Horwin was diagnosed in 1998 with an aggressive form of malignant brain cancer called medullablastoma, which almost always kills children.

Alexander underwent two surgeries to remove the tumor. The first one left him temporarily unable to walk and with optic nerve damage. After the second, he was tumor-free, but the disease threatened to return if he didn't receive treatment.


FDA Opposes Oregon Mandatory Labeling Initiative

FDA objects to food labeling initiative

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration objects to Oregon's ballot Measure 27,
which would require labeling to identify genetically modified foods sold in

In an Oct. 4 letter to Gov. John Kitzhaber, FDA Deputy Commissioner Lester
M. Crawford argued that labeling of genetically modified foods is not only
unnecessary, but contrary to FDA guidelines.
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FDA's Threatening Letter Attempts to Derail Democratic Initiative Process in Oregon


An aggressive supporter of Biotechnology and Industrial Agriculture , FDA Deputy Commissioner Lester Crawford has also worked for notorious industry front groups such as the National Food Processors Association and last year appeared on John Stossel's infamous anti-organic 20/20 episode echoing the lies of Dennis Avery.

October 4, 2002,

Dear Governor Kitzhaber:


FDA Gives Peanut-Allergy Drug Fast-Track Status

Tue Sep 24, 2002

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The maker of an experimental drug to treat peanut allergies reported Tuesday that the US Food and Drug Administration has given the medication fast-track status.

The drug, TNX-901, is made by Tanox Inc.

The fast-track designation, intended for products that address an unmet medical need, entitles Tanox to meetings with the FDA for the agency's input on development plans, the option to submit its US marketing application in sections, and the option to base that application on surrogate endpoints.


FDA and the Global Marketplace: International Harmonization

The regulatory framework administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide public health and safety protection to American consumers is a model that many countries strive to emulate. At the same time, FDA recognizes that we operate in an increasingly more global, more interdependent market environment, and that American consumers can realize significant public health and economic benefits from efforts by FDA to share information, explore opportunities to collaborate on assessments and product reviews, and harmonize standards with its foreign counterparts.


Congressional Oversight Letter

Congressional Oversight Letter

Below is a letter from Congressmen Paul and Defazio which echoes the concerns of vitamin consumers around the world regarding the immense threat posed by the UN Codex Commission to block our access to therapeutic potencies of vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements.


Congressman questions officials at Thimerosal hearings

June 6, 2002


A United States congressman is calling for criminal penalties for any government agency that knew about the dangers of Thimerosal in vaccines, and did nothing to protect American children.

Last month, a News 8 Investigation disclosed allegations that some government officials may have surpressed documentation about the risks. Some of those officials testified at Wednesday's congressional hearing.


FDA Approves Skin Cholesterol Test

Mon Jun 24, 


WASHINGTON (AP) - Health officials approved the nation's first skin test for cholesterol Monday, a system that detects the heart-clogging substance through the palm of the hand. The action approves its use only in certain already sick patients.

It's not for routine cholesterol screening, the Food and Drug Administration stressed. Drawing a little blood remains the only way to test the general population for high cholesterol.