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Research shows resistance exercise helps prevent type 2 diabetes

It has been previously established that aerobic exercise helps to lower one's risk of type 2 diabetes. Now, a recent population study carried out on a large group of women and published in PLOS Medicine has revealed that resistance or weight training could help decrease type 2 diabetes risk as well.

Exercise helps to prevent cancer, fight it, and ward off relapse: studies

Separate recent studies have underlined the importance of exercise and physical activity in fighting cancer. Importantly, the research showed that exercise not only helps with cancer prevention, it also helps with improving the prognosis of those already diagnosed with cancer, as well as with boosting the life expectancy of cancer survivors who had previously beaten the disease.

The Best Exercise Of All?

Researchers around the world frequently look at the benefits of different types of exercise. Running, walking, biking, weight lifting, swimming… Each has its own advantages. But another type of exercise has been shown to reduce your risk of heart attack by 30 percent while increasing hand strength, boosting optimism and even improving your diet.

Too Much Exercise, Yet Again?

In this blog, we usually admonish readers to get off their duffs and don some running shoes. The majority of people don't exercise enough to even meet the paltry standards established by our health agencies. But not everybody tends toward couch potato. In fact, some people partake in so much fitness and exercise that, according to studies, they might actually be risking their health.

Reduce lower back pain with the right back exercises

Around four out of five people experience back pain during their lifetime, and many people suffer chronic pain that lowers their quality of life. Surgery is rarely needed for back problems and accepting living with daily pain is also a rare necessity. Back pain can usually be relieved with proper stretching and back exercises. If your problem is severe, you may need to speak with a doctor about your limitations. These exercises will help most people build up their back muscles and relieve tension that can lead to decreased pain. Back exercises can also prevent back injuries and issues from developing.

Moderate and regular physical activity lowers the risk of deadly stroke by twenty percent

Stroke incidence continues to rise in western cultures, ranking as the third leading cause of death in the US this year. Cerebrovascular disorders, similar to heart disease, cancer and dementia, are largely preventable lifestyle diseases fueled by dietary indiscretions, environmental and household exposure to toxins, smoking and lack of physical activity. Strokes strike more than 800,000 people in the US each year, killing more than 150,000 and leading to permanent disability for many others.

Burn fat, build muscle, and better your health in less time with HIIT

People want to lose fat, gain muscle, and not spend a lot of time doing it. An easy way to accomplish this is... There is no easy way. The quickest and most effective way to lose fat and increase muscle is through High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is based on short, intense burst of full capacity exercise followed by low activity or rest in intervals. The more intense the exercise, the less you do. The idea that aerobic exercise burns fat is phasing out. Although it does improve aerobic capacity; a study from The Cochrane Collaboration found moderate, aerobic activity to produce negligible weight loss.