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Prenatal Pollutants Linked to Childhood Anxiety, ADHD - ABC News

Inner-city women who breathe powerful airborne pollutants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons while pregnant are more likely to have children who develop behavioral problems by the time they reach school age, researchers report.

Low doses, big effects: Scientists seek 'fundamental changes' in testing, regulation of hormone-like chemicals - Environmental

Small doses can have big health effects. That is a main finding of a new report, three years in the making, published Wednesday by a team of 12 scientists who study hormone-altering chemicals.

'There are no safe doses for endocrine disruptors' — Environmental Health News

As a scientist, I am often asked what “proof” links hormone-altering chemicals to diseases and birth defects. One mother questions whether exposures during her pregnancy caused her child’s autism.

A Reminder That Science Can Override Pressure -

The recent death of F. Sherwood Rowland, who, working in 1974 with Mario Molina, discovered that the ozone layer was endangered by a lucrative class of chemicals, is a reminder of the perennial determination of industries to undermine scientific findings that could cost them money or markets.

The Environment Report: Suing over Cancer (Part 4)

As part of our week-long series on cancer and the environment... we’re talking about going to court. Some people turn to the courts because they think pollution has made them sick, and they think they know who’s to blame.