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Pennsylvania Fracking Law Gags Physicians

A new Pennsylvania law endangers public health by forbidding health care professionals from sharing information they learn about certain chemicals and procedures used in high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing. The procedure is commonly known as fracking.

Analysis: Food security focus fuels new worries over crop chemicals | Reuters

Scientists, environmentalists and farm advocates are pressing the question about whether rewards of the trend toward using more and more crop chemicals are worth the risks

EPA: Nonprofit tapped stimulus funds to subsidize coal mine -- IG

A Pittsburgh botanic garden is using federal economic stimulus funds for a profitable coal-mining operation, violating a contract that approved a "green" irrigation project, according to U.S. EPA's inspector general.

F. Sherwood Rowland dies at 84; UC Irvine professor won Nobel Prize

F. Sherwood Rowland discovered that chlorofluorocarbons led to the depletion of stratospheric ozone. His work resulted in an international treaty banning CFCs in 1987. Rowland and two others shared the Nobel in chemistry in 1995.

Anti-nuclear demonstrations held in Japan, elsewhere

Tens of thousands of people across Japan and around the world marked the March 11 anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that precipitated the nuclear disaster last year with rallies to renew calls for the abolition of nuclear power.