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Record high radiation levels detected at Fukushima reactor

Measurements taken recently at the tsunami-damaged Fukushima nuclear complex in northern Japan have revealed record levels of radiation contamination, officials with the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company, said.

FOOD SECURITY: As oceans warm and become more acidic, Britain's seafood menu changes

The seas around Britain are starting to teem with fish species once deemed exotic as climate change raises water temperatures, forcing the former dominant occupants to flee northward toward the Arctic

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A U.S. Navy oiler slipped away from a fuel depot on the Puget Sound in Washington state one recent day, headed toward the central Pacific and into the storm over the Pentagon's controversial green fuels initiative.

Commentary: As Silent Spring's 50th anniversary nears, what would Rachel Carson be saying now?

Many people have the impression that climate disruption is the worst environmental problem humanity faces, and indeed, its consequences may be catastrophic. But the spread of toxic chemicals from pole to pole may be the dark horse in the race.

New federal data shows autism rates are booming. Local researchers are finding industrial chemicals may play a role

When Tisha Gonzalez first met Rafael Hernandez, the elementary school student didn't care much for other kids.

EPA is pressed to ban chemicals that studies link to honeybees' demise

Where have all the bees gone? The question has vexed farmers, beekeepers, regulators and scientists since the fall of 2006, when U.S. bee populations began their mysterious decline.