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Yes, the ozone hole has grown larger. No, it doesn’t mean that humans are off the hook for ozone depletion.

Tom Yulsman | October 27, 2015
The “ozone hole” over Antarctica grew 22 percent this year over 2014 — finishing out the season as the fourth largest since the start of the satellite record in 1979.

More evidence children harmed by lead near Philadelphia 'Ghost Factory'

Alison Young,October 12, 2015
Children living near the former site of a huge lead factory in Philadelphia are six times more likely than children nationwide to have elevated levels of toxic lead in their bodies

Iodine to the Rescue

Lugol's Iodine
Anyone who tells you to stay away from iodine is a medical idiot. Actually that statement does not cover the story of medical cruelty and the pharmaceutical terrorism that is centered on iodine phobia that is rampant in the medical world today.

Far from being passive, plants are incredibly active manipulators of their environments

Plants may not be able to move, but they have evolved a staggering array of techniques for affecting their surroundings. These adaptations allow plants to do everything from incapacitating predators and deterring rivals to colonizing new lands and even changing the behavior of the plants and animals in their vicinity.

Palm oil health craze may push animals to extinction while destroying the environment

Red palm oil has burst onto the health scene as a miracle food, helping to heal everything from cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer's to cancer. However, as it becomes more popular worldwide, a dark secret has come to light. Due to its lucrative value, rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia are destroyed and replaced with African oil palm tree plantations -- seriously endangering the habitat of many rare birds, orangutan, pygmy elephants and clouded leopards. As this deforestation progresses at lightening speed, a hefty carbon footprint is created as well.

Chemicals in the Environment Interfere With Pregnancy

There’s no shortage of obstacles for couples trying to get pregnant, and a recent study by the National Institutes of Heath (NIH) has found yet another barrier: chemicals that you’ve most likely already been exposed to, and can’t do much about.

Skyrocketing ground beef prices hit record highs

As drought conditions persist well into late summer across the majority of U.S. states, agricultural production continues to be well below normal, meaning consumers will literally be paying the price for so much crop destruction.