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Chemicals in the Environment Interfere With Pregnancy

There’s no shortage of obstacles for couples trying to get pregnant, and a recent study by the National Institutes of Heath (NIH) has found yet another barrier: chemicals that you’ve most likely already been exposed to, and can’t do much about.

Skyrocketing ground beef prices hit record highs

As drought conditions persist well into late summer across the majority of U.S. states, agricultural production continues to be well below normal, meaning consumers will literally be paying the price for so much crop destruction.

Parasites may get nastier with climate swings: study

By Alister Doyle, Aug 12, 2012

Parasites look set to become more virulent because of climate change, according to a study showing that frogs suffer more infections from a fungus when exposed to unexpected swings in temperatures.

Parasites, which include tapeworms, the tiny organisms that cause malaria and funguses, may be more nimble at adapting to climatic shifts than the animals they live on since they are smaller and grow more quickly, scientists said.