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A colossal “sea of plastic” was discovered last month in the Caribbean, with bunched-up bottles and bags stretching for miles.

It reminded one Israeli environmental entrepreneur of the polluted Haifa Bay and Kishon River — with all of its petrochemicals.

“All the plastics, they stay for hundreds of years inside the water. We are the only solution for the Caribbean that can process all the organic waste together, and you don’t have to separately sort it,” said Yuval Tamir.

Hamas wages ‘ecological terror,’ sends Gaza sewage to Israel

Hamas intentionally uses Gaza’s sewage to pollute Israeli water sources and beaches.

Contaminated wastewater from Hamas-ruled Gaza is streaming toward Israel and reaching the nearby coast of Ashkelon, which shares a border with Gaza.

The amount of sewage flowing directly into Israel’s Hanun stream from Gaza has increased dramatically during the past weeks, raising alarm among officials.

Vacuum trucks used to filter the Palestinian sewage in Israel’s water are no longer effective, and the water has become flooded with hazardous waste.


What on earth are skyquakes or mystery booms?

Skyquakes or mystery booms are real and here’s all you need to know about this rare phenomenon.

In 2013, a video shot in Terrace, a city in British Columbia, Canada, started doing the rounds in media for capturing bizarre noises that resonated through the streets. The city council later claimed that it was a city worker grinding down a grader blade, but the uploader of the video is still not convinced with the council’s explanation.

According to, over 40 similar incidents have been reported in the U.K, U.S, and other countries till date.


Environmentalists outraged after ‘green’ wind turbines murder family of whales

Environmentalists outraged after ‘green’ wind turbines murder family of whales

Some environmentalists are saying wind turbines pose a threat to whales after a family of minke whales were found dead in the United Kingdom.

Some environmentalists are saying wind turbines pose a threat to whales after a family of minke whales were found dead in the United Kingdom.


Creationists Cheer Findings in Bear Genome Sequencing Project

Baby Bear’s big surprise may not be that he found Goldilocks asleep in his bed, it may be that he discovered his parents came from two entirely separate species.

Evolutionists are equally surprised because separate species are not supposed to be able to interbreed. But the new findings come as no shock to creationists, who note the discovery backs the belief that God created types of animals that diversified into what scientists now consider separate species.


20,000 to practice readiness for Northwest megaquake, tsunami

PORTLAND — Imagine a devastating earthquake and tsunami have cut off Pacific Northwest coastal communities. Phone and internet service have collapsed. Ham-radio operators living on the stricken coast fire up their radios, contact emergency managers and report on the magnitude of the disaster so that no time is wasted in saving lives.
This is the kind of scenario that will be rehearsed during the second week of June in a massive earthquake and tsunami readiness drill that has been developed by the U.S. government, the military, and state and local emergency managers over the past few years to test their readiness for what — when it strikes — will likely be the nation’s worst natural calamity.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals Found in Every Stream Sampled in USGS Study

A team of researchers, led by hydrologist Paul Bradley, recently collected water samples from 59 small streams in the Southeast from Virginia to Georgia, which were analyzed for 108 pharmaceuticals and degradates. All 59 streams or 100% tested positive for at least one of compounds and the overall average was six different compounds per stream.

What tiny plastic particles are doing to tiny fish

Yet another study is adding to scientists’ growing suspicions that tiny bits of plastic in the ocean are causing big environmental problems. A paper published Thursday in the journal Science suggests that microplastics — small plastic particles less than 5 millimeters in diameter — could be hurting the survival of European perch, and likely other species as well.

Undamming this major U.S. river is opening a world of possibility for native cultures and wildlife

Renee Lewis, 5/4/16
The run of salmon in the Klamath River this year is the heaviest it has ever known. There are millions of fish below the falls near Keno, and it is said that a man with a gaff could easily land a hundred of the salmon in an hour, in fact they could be caught as fast as a man could pull them in.”