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Oil rigs may end their days as valuable artificial reefs

A large group of international researchers have just published a scientific article in which they encourage environmental authorities across the globe to rethink the idea of removing oil rigs, wind turbines and other installations in the sea when they are worn out.

Study finds biosecurity interventions are inadequate — newly emerging alien species continue to accelerate globally

Animal species found in nature aren’t exactly living in harmony. Researchers from the University College London (UCL) have now discovered that the number of new alien species invasions are still rising globally, and that its overall impact may be difficult to predict down the line.

CO2 levels dangerously low for our planet; optimum levels of 800 – 1200 ppm would unleash reforestation, greening and food crop production

Which planet sounds like a better place to live: One that is full of plants and trees and teeming with wildlife and biodiversity with plenty of food to go around, or a cold and barren one with a starving and dying-off population?

Climate Panic

In ancient history the entire earth froze over almost annihilating all life. Fortunately, we are not facing such a disaster, but we have climate panic non the less. Here is the panic: ‘Utterly Terrifying’: ‘Study Affirms Feedback Loop Fears as Surging Antarctica Ice Loss Tripled in Last Five Years.’ Really?

Global Warming Disorder is a Serious Mental Disease

One would not normally ignore a herd of stampeding elephants headed your way yet that is exactly what we are doing in terms of cold climate change, which is already overrunning Canada and great parts of the United States, Europe, Russia and parts of China.

5G Technology is Coming – Linked to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Death

The new fifth generation (5G) cellular system that is being installed in major American cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Texas, and Sacramento [1, 3] will intensify the microwave radiation health risks for everyone living in those cities. [2]

13 Fruits and Vegetables With the Most Pesticides

Spring and summer warrant seasonal eating—bright, bursting cherries, fragrant peaches, crisp spinach—since produce is at its ripest. However, most of these fruits and vegetables are also rife with harmful pesticides.