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Radioactive Jet Streams

I climbed this mountain in North Carolina with Dutch right after publishing “Beyond the Door” on Monday. Even after all the devastating information I have been publishing about the nuclear disaster, I was shaken. It is not easy to understand the implications and follow the math of what is happening in the northern hemisphere but let’s try.

No end in sight for Fukushima disaster as bureaucrats battle the laws of physics

As the famous physicist Dr. Michio Kaku said on April 4th, "The situation at Fukushima is relatively stable now... in the same way that you are stable if you hang by your fingernails off a cliff, and your fingernails begin to break one by one."

Media is wrong on the dangers of radiation

Radiation is now being detected in Russia, imagine what it must be like for the poor Japanese who live within 500 miles. Japan is not that big of a place, though it is a land of big people who have made some huge mistakes.

More radioactive water spills at Japan nuke plant

Workers discovered new pools of radioactive water leaking from Japan's crippled nuclear complex, officials said Monday, as emergency crews struggled to pump out hundreds of tons of contaminated water and bring the plant back under control.

Lethal in Japan - the real story on radiation

The headlines we wake up to Monday morning say: A new column of smoke rising from an overheating nuclear plant in Japan drove workers out of the smoldering site dented hopes for a breakthrough in the post-quake atomic crisis raising the risk of uncontrolled radiation.

Some progress at Fukushima, but no coolant at reactors 3 and 4 (corrected)

CORRECTION: The radiation leak we reported in the opening paragraph of this story did not happen today, as we initially reported. It was several days ago that reactor No. 2 suffered containment damage and leaked radiation.