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Enviormental Issues

'Green' debacle: Tens of thousands of abandoned wind turbines now litter American landscape

Literal beacons of the "green" energy movement, giant wind turbines have been one of the renewable energy sources of choice for the US government, which has spent billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing their construction and use across the country.

The 10 worst chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products

The entire cosmetic industry is in a buyer beware state of alert, thanks to the latest additions to the melting pot of chemicals and pollutants in skin care, above and beyond the usual parabens. Consumers are warned by experts to put on the watch list any makeup which contains synthetic coloring ingredients, emulsifiers, leads, copolymer, triclosan, and "urea as a preservative."

Scientists Raise Concerns Regarding Erroneous Reporting of Greenland Ice Cover

More evidence of the 'global warming cabal' changing scientific facts and a distinct plan to condition the population into believing the 1988 made-up name of 'global warming' is melting the Earth "permanently."

Republicans Killing Jobs and Making Us Sick

"In January, Mr. Obama signed a food safety law that provides broad new authority to the Food and Drug Administration," wrote Robert Pear in Friday's Times, in an article about the Congressional appropriations mess. But House Republicans, he added, had voted "to cut the agency's budget."

Global warming fraud: Iconic polar bear on melting ice cap a hoax

Images of periled polar bears sinking into arctic seas because of melting polar ice caps have become an iconic symbol of the devastating consequences of so-called global warming.