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Christie Endorsement Payback to Rubio for Attacks

Todd Beamon , Friday, 26 Feb 2016
Chris Christie's endorsement Friday of Donald Trump was payback for Marco Rubio's bitter attacks on the New Jersey governor during the Republican presidential campaign

Roger Stone Floats Theory GOP Establishment Will "Steal" Nomination From Trump, Launches Fundraising Campaign

OLIVER WILLIS, February 26, 2016
Appearing on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' radio show, dirty trickster Roger Stone announced the creation of a fund to back supporters of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

Think the Florida Recount Was Bad? Just Wait Until November 6

The movie Unstoppable is playing this week on HBO, and it's hard not to watch even just the trailers for the action-adventure film without seeing parallels to the coming election. Folks, we are just a little more than two weeks away from Election Day, and we may well be the runaway train, barreling straight toward an election-night, voting-rights crash-and-burn which easily could be worse and more damaging to the nation than Bush v. Gore. Not only is there no Denzel Washington to save us, not only is there no guarantee of a happy Hollywood ending, but none of the so-called adults running the country even seems willing to publicly acknowledge the danger.

Spanish Company Will “Count” American Votes Overseas In November

When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election.