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5 Signs That Your Teen Might Have an Eating Disorder

Jennifer Rollin, 12/27/2015
In today's diet-saturated and fitness-obsessed culture, it may be difficult to tell what is behind your teen's sudden desire to lose weight or newfound interest in "healthy" eating.

The 5 common snacking mistakes that are making you fat

Losing weight is challenging for the majority of people. Cutting calories and eating smaller meals can lead to more snacking. Though snacking can be a healthy habit, it most often just leads to weight gain. Here are some common snacking mistakes that lead to major weight gain.

Facebook contributes to eating disorders

Is it possible that the world's No. 1 social media site could be contributing to another unhealthy condition? Yes, say researchers, who note that young women, especially, who spend a great deal of time on Facebook are more likely to be concerned about body image and, as such, are at risk for eating disorders.