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Long-term criminal fraud by Lipitor drugmakers exposed after years of selling adulterated drugs

The evidence continues to mount that Big Pharma is little more than a massive criminal enterprise designed to maximize profits at the expense of your health. This story is a continuation on that theme.

Government is also spying on your prescription drug use

Government bureaucracies use data mining techniques to keep track of almost anything nowadays. Government micromanagement of people's lives has become the norm. Control freaks in positions of power want to know everything about everybody, usually in order to "keep people safe" or to learn about population trends or to "save lives." Recent developments reveal that states will be implementing data mining techniques into state education common core standards to track children's behavior. If recording children's emotions wasn't enough, states are now using data mining techniques to record each person's prescription drug use.


New research is showing that transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has significant benefits for many sufferers of treatment resistant major depressive disorder. At the Amen Clinics in Newport Beach, California, we have found TMS to be an effective option for many patients. Treatment of depression with TMS is effective for many people; it is safe, easy and there are virtually no side effects. Now we know that for some people whose depression doesn’t seem to be resolved with medication, supplements or psychotherapy, TMS is a viable option for long-term relief.

New antidepressant drug nearly identical to popular party drug

Drug giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J), whose pharmaceutical and medical device products have been implicated in dozens of major recalls throughout the past several years, has announced it will seek approvals from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 11 new drugs by the year 2017. And one of these new drugs, known as esketamine, contains a compound that is almost exactly the same as the active ingredient in the mind-altering party drug "Special K."

Mega Banks, ATF True Culprits Behind Mexican Drug and Gun Violence

President Obama, during a recent visit to Mexico, pointed the finger at American’s use of illegal drugs and guns for Mexico’s plague of violence. “Much of the root cause for violence that has been happening here in Mexico, for which so many Mexicans have suffered, is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States,” Obama said. He continued, “Most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States.”

Amgen admits to criminal behavior in off-label drug marketing scheme, receives minimal slap on wrist

The pharmaceutical drug cartel has a pretty good gig going for itself in America today. And the formula is always the same -- break the law to reap billions of dollars in profits, and share a few million of the spoils with the federal government after getting caught. This is the wholly corrupt scenario that has played out once again in federal court, this time with Amgen Inc., the world's largest biotechnology company, which recently pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of illegally marketing its blockbuster anemia drug Aranesp.