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ADHD: Psychiatric Epidemic or Hype?

For teachers the perfect class is a concentrated, quiet and obedient one. Nowadays, when children stand out by what used to be called naughty, rebellious and boisterous behavior, it is much easier than before for teachers to have these children drugged with for example Ritalin or Concerta (psycho-stimulant medications).


Tainted cancer drugs can cause stroke as nationwide recall is expanded

A diagnosis of cancer is devastating. But cancer sufferers who have followed medical provider advice to undergo treatment with so-called cancer-fighting drugs may have unknowingly been exposed to the additional risk of stroke or other life-threatening medical event

Ron Paul Blames Psychotropic Drugs For “American Sniper” Murder And Other Mass Shootings

Former Congressman Ron Paul, the father of potential presidential candidate Rand Paul, said Wednesday that “American Sniper” Chris Kyle would be alive today if his killer was not using psychotropic drugs.

Paul has repeatedly linked or blamed mass shootings on the use of psychotropic drugs.