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California court rejects limits on medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana

The California Supreme Court on Thursday rejected limits on medical marijuana imposed by state lawmakers, finding that people with prescriptions for pot can have and grow all they need for personal use.

Cocaine changes how genes work in brain

Prolonged exposure to cocaine can cause permanent changes in the way genes are switched on and off in the brain, a finding that may lead to more effective treatments for many kinds of addiction, U.S. researchers said on Thursday.

Threat Alert: MS13 and the Blending of Youth Gangs with Drug Cartels

Youth Gangs

Often it doesn't get the attention that the Mexican cartel drug violence gets in the media. Frankly, quite often the media doesn't pay all that much attention to the cartel related violence in general, and there are still too many Americans that do not appreciate the true threat represented by the encroachment of Mexican drug violence into our streets. So, while independent of the Mexican cartel, activities of transnational gangs like MS-13 and the 18th St. Gang represent a considerable threat to US citizens.

Medical marijuana distributors multiply as San Jose weighs ordinance

Inside an unremarkable three-story office building near Santana Row, Richard Noonan waited last week in the San Jose Cannabis Buyers Collective lobby for the marijuana he uses to treat symptoms of palsy.

Medical marijuana groups threaten to sue if L.A. bans sales

The New Mexico Department of Health has approved five producers that can produce and dispense medical marijuana for pre-approved patients, officials said Monday. The health department approved the first producer earlier this year, which began dispensing cannabis in July, and recently approved four new applicants. Twenty-one additional producer applications are pending.

By Diana Washington Valdez / For the Sun-News

Posted: 11/10/2009

Operation Medicine Cabinet: Drug Drop Off to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

To use medical terms, the illegal sale and trafficking in prescription drugs have reached epidemic proportions not only in the Tampa Bay area, but around the country.