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New Research Shows How Sugary Drinks Are Probably Harming Children As Young As 2 To 5 Years Old…

Earlier this year, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a ban that would stop restaurants, delis, movie theaters, food carts, and stadiums from selling certain sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces as a way to help combat obesity in the city. As you can imagine, there was enormous public and political backlash.

8 Healthy Drinks that Are Actually Terrible for You

Coffee, tea, water, juice - it feels like every day more studies confirm that you can get your nutrients from the liquids you put in your body. Just recently, black tea was linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, and coffee, a long-touted health elixir, has even been shown to extend life expectancy. And of course we can't forget to mention the numerous health benefits of plain old water.

When a painful stomach ache strikes, arm yourself with these foods and drinks

Stomach aches are never a welcome occurrence. They often come on suddenly, due to number of factors, such as the proliferation of GMO and contaminated foods, daily stressors, and busy lifestyles which don't allow adequate time for healthy food preparation. Whatever the cause, the worst stomach aches can put you out of commission quickly, leaving you doubled over in agony. Luckily, there are foods and drinks provided by mother nature that can help soothe even the worst stomach aches quickly, and get you back on track.