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Dr. Oz

Scientist who attacked Dr. Oz received money from junk food, biotech and vaccine companies

By Heyes:(NaturalNews) One of the primary physicians who signed a recent letter attacking Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of a popular daytime medical program on television, and seeking his removal from the faculty of Columbia University is also a convicted criminal who once lost his medical license for Medicaid fraud.

Doctor Oz has precisely the right level of wisdom and humility to move medicine forward

By Huff: (NaturalNews) In a cogent rebuttal to the vicious attacks levied against him after a recent episode of his show boldly brought to light the cancer-causing effects of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, Dr. Mehmet Oz humbly exposed the hypocrisy of the "conventional-only" sects within modern medicine that have falsely condemned him as a quack while simultaneously ignoring the fact that real medicine is based on honest inquiry and open-mindedness to scientific progress.

Why does Washington Post, USA Today, NPR and the AP get its 'science' talking points from a convicted felon who went to prison for Medicaid fraud?

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) In recent days, Columbia University's School of Journalism announced its 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners, and the list contained many of the usual suspects.

Mainstream media panics over Dr. Oz teaching disease prevention and nutritional self-care

By Adams:(NaturalNews) The pro-pharma, anti-nutrition mainstream media is engaged in an all-out panic over the success of Dr. Oz in teaching nutrition and disease prevention to the American public. Not surprisingly, all the usual suspects -- media outlets funded by Big Pharma advertising money -- have unleashed a wave of hit pieces against Dr. Oz, claiming his advice is "unproven."

Dr. Oz suggests important food swaps to help fight inflammation

Inflammation is a normal response of the immune system designed to help aid the healing process. Acute inflammation occurs when people stub a toe, get a slight infection or even a sunburn. For a few days or so, the inflammation in the body is an indication that the system is undergoing repair. However, as many people know all too well, it's when the inflammation goes from acute to chronic that it becomes problematic.

Why Dr. Oz was right to warn consumers about lead in Shakeology Greenberry protein powder

The health industry is suddenly buzzing with more findings about heavy metals in protein products, and Dr. Oz is beginning to warn viewers about lead in some products. This is on top of Natural News finding substantial concentrations of the heavy metal tungsten in organic vegan rice protein products sold across the USA. (See chart here.)

Twenty-one questions for Dr. Oz: Organics-bashing TV doc given opportunity to respond to criticism (opinion)

Dr. Oz's recently article in TIME Magazine -- entitled "The anti-snob diet" -- has created something of a firestorm across the internet. In his article, Dr. Oz refers to people who buy organic foods or who frequent farmers markets as "snooty" "elitist" and "snobs." He promotes feedlot beef, conventional ice cream and canned foods while implying organic foods are "elitist" foods only for the "1%." He even says these organic, farmers market foods are "not very democratic."