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Frustrating dogs

I want you to think for a moment of something that frustrates you. Maybe it’s a co-worker, or being stuck in traffic. It could be a vending machine that doesn’t work or a bus that’s late. It can even be your kids or spouses — and probably frequently is!

Since you’re here, I’m guessing that it’s also your dog sometimes.


Multiple Studies Link Everyday Lawn Products To Canine Cancer

With summer in full swing, the generally higher temperatures often mean pets will be spending more time outdoors, but it also means that dog owners must be vigilant of the dangers of lawn chemical, as numerous studies over the past few years have shown strong connections between herbicides and lawn chemicals using 2,4-D, and canine cancers.

The World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer classified 2,4-D as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”


Dogs Can See Magnetic Fields, as Easily as We See Color

European scientists have discovered dogs and some primates are capable of magnetoreception – the ability to see magnetic fields.

Scientists say that the molecule responsible for being able to see these magnetic fields has been found in the eyes of dogs and other animals. reports:


Cortisol-sniffing dogs ease anxieties of special needs children

By Antonia: (NaturalNews) It's often been said that the act of petting an animal can help reduce a person's stress levels, but what about having a dog sniff you to help you essentially do the same? Bizarre thought? Not so much, according to several school children and those who are advocates of what might be the newest in stress management methods: cortisol-sniffing dogs.

Scientists shocked to discover that dogs accurately sense Earth's magnetic field with precision Learn more: http://naturaln

Not only can dogs sense the earth's magnetic field, but they can actually use it to orient their bodies when they relieve themselves, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Czech University of Life Sciences and the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, and published in Frontiers in Zoology.

Dogs recognize pictures of their owners

A young girl whose family had one dog and two cats asked her mother, a college graduate and wife of a college professor, "Mommie, do animals have feelings?" Mommie answered, "I don't know dear. Science hasn't discovered that yet." That was a true episode overheard directly by this author.

Hundreds of dogs killed by contaminated jerky treats made in China; FDA still mystified by cause

Thousands of family dogs across the USA have been sickened by pet jerky treats made in China, and nearly 600 dogs have died. The FDA has issued a warning over the deadly jerky treats but has not forced any sort of product recall.

Dirty cops routinely use false alerts from drug-sniffing dogs to illegally search vehicles

As we have made clear many times in the past, Natural News is a fan of law enforcement. We are fully aware that the "thin blue line" is all that separates stability from chaos. But we are liberty-minded first and foremost in all we believe and support, as evidenced by our refusal to swallow the corporate, statist line regarding GMO crops, vaccines, fluoridated water, Obamacare and so on. So when we identify a growing law enforcement trend that runs counter to these principles of constitutional liberty, we don't have any qualms about reporting them.