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Starvation Diets Drive Obesity

It's no surprise — overweight children who don't properly learn self-regulating habits likely become obese adults. What is surprising is that one of the most common ways to help — restricting children's diets — actually compounds the problem.

That's the thrust of a new study by University of Illinois researchers who point to a disturbing pattern: Parents shame by withholding food due to weight gain, then children cope with the negative emotions by overeating.


7 tips to dump diet crazes and simplify the way you eat

By Lowe: If you’re trying to pick out a diet to follow that can make you healthier and trimmer, there are at least a gazillion plans you could choose from (I know it’s a gazillion. I’ve checked the list.) But if you’re tired of mind-numbing nutritional complications, there’s a straight-forward, easy-to-follow set of rules that can put you on track to eat the not-quite-paleo diet.

How moving in together 'makes women fatter but men thinner' because couples dish out equal portion sizes

Ladies, if your main worry about moving in with your other half is having to pick his dirty socks up from the floor, think again. Living together could add inches to your waistline, a study found – but take them away from his. A third of women said they ended up eating more after moving in with their partner, often putting on weight as a result.