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Exercise – is it the key to health and longevity?

If you’ve ever read Growing Old Is Not for Sissies by Etta Clark, you may have already answered this question. The book is a collection of portraits of senior athletes – folks who are in exceptional shape at advanced ages. This certainly serves as evidence for the benefits of exercise.

Doctors' woeful lack of training about nutrition dooms millions to early graves

Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining good health and warding off illness. Nutrition can also play a pivotal role in healing illness of all kinds, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer - the three leading illnesses which cause deaths.

Mineral deficiencies can be fatal to athletes

In the growing market of nutrition and health, where being a vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, or fruitarian has been integrated into the mainstream diet of millions of Americans, one thing that is not being mentioned enough is the importance of minerals.

Teaching children to cook found pivotal in their ability to make healthy food choices

While it's obvious that children (and even adults) who like fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat them, researchers are trying to identify the pivotal variable that causes individuals to like them.